Thursday, 15 November 2012

Essie Sand Tropez - A nude autumn colour

On my last visit to the Essie shelf, I was originally on the hunt for Essie's Miss Fancy Pants, which is part of the autumn 2012 collection. I find the colour looks quite similar to Chanel's Frenzy, a light taupe or beige mixture with a hint of dusky rose. I love nude colours on my nails and the Chanel nail polishes may be truly beautiful, but they are rather pricy. Since Essie is mostly a good option in terms of quality and price (€7.95), I liked the idea of buying the Essie version of the colour.
Unfortunately, Miss Fancy Pants was already sold out. It seemed to be the most popular colour in the autumn collection, since all the other five colours were still available.
Once there, I thought I might as well browse the rest of the Essie shelf. And of course, I did not leave the drug store empty-handed. I opted for a colour that is quite similar to Miss Fancy Pants, but a bit lighter - Sand Tropez.

Essie's Sand Tropez
The polish was easy to apply and not too liquid. The individual brush strokes did not create lines in the polish I had already applied to my nail. The polish spread evenly across my nail, forming an even surface. After applying one coat, the polish already looked quite opaque. So if you're in a rush, it is not absolutely necessary to apply a second coat. However, I went for a second coat, which intensified the colour on the nails.
I also love Essie polishes, because they tend to dry quite fast. This is also the case for Sand Tropez. After around 15 minutes, I was ready to go.

I really love the classic and chique lool it gives to my nails. I think you could wear this colour all year round and it suits nearly every outfit. It is definitely work-appropriate, but at the same time, you can also wear it for a night out or even with a casual outfit - a true 'allrounder'.
Although the name of the polish calls up associations of summer and beach, suggesting a 'summer nail polish', I would personally go for more pink or rosy-toned nude colours like Essie's Ballet Slippers or Sugar Daddy in spring or summer. Nevertheless, I think Sand Tropez would still be well wearable and look pretty during these seasons.
However, for autumn and winter, Sand Tropez is just perfect for me.

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