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Soap & Glory: Glow Job or all that 'glows' is not gold

When I went shopping a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't resist browsing the Soap & Glory section of Douglas. Douglas are the only shop in Germany to stock Soap & Glory products. I had a look at various products and one of the shop assistants then recommended Glow Job to me and told me that it was Soap & Glory's version of a BB cream. Allegedly, it was even better than all the other BB creams that are currently available on the market. Finally, she talked me into buying it and I gave it a try.
Here, in Germany, it costs €14.00 for 75ml, while it is slightly cheaper in Britain at £9.00.
I think the price is ok considering the amount you get.

The packaging matches the general Soap & Glory design, which I like, because it is a little vintage. In the particular case of Glow Job, the product name is a bit doubtful, but I usually quite like the way they name their products. The tube comes in a little carton, but I threw it away when I started using the cream. You can see it on the Douglas product website if you are interested.
According to the packaging and the website, Glow Job is "a two-in-one moisturizing lotion and temporary self-tanner." It contains "micro Bronzeburst™ Beads that ‘pop’ when you massage them, leaving you looking, healthy, refreshed, and just ever so slightly sun-kissed."

The colour of the cream itself is white and the consistency is nice, neither too liquid nor too pasty. You only feel the beads when rubbing the cream between your fingers or on your face.
I tend to use two pea-sized portions on my face, one for each half. I spread them on my chin, nose, forehead and both cheeks. Then I start massaging the cream in, which causes the beads to burst and release the bronzer.
And here comes the first downside. Sometimes, especially if you use more than one finger to spread the cream and bronzer on the face and blend it in, the beads stick to your fingers and no bronzer is applied to your face, which is kind of annoying.
When you are working with tiny amounts on your face, as I do on my nose, for example, you might end up with no bronzer beads in your cream at all and probably lighter patches on your face (if you have light skin, but I'll come to the bronzing effect later on).

Glow Job does not provide you with any coverage as other BB creams do. So if you have blemishes or acne, I would not recommend using it. I use it when I don't have any major spots or blemishes.
It's moisturising effect is good, however, as my skin does not feel dry at the end of the day. However, it leaves a film on my skin that lingers on all day and which I am not too keen on. At night, after having worn the cream all day, I am dying to cleanse my skin to get rid of the feeling. It feels as if my skin is not able to breathe.
The film is neither greasy nor oily, it is different. When I thought about what to write in this review, I also thought how I could describe the way the product feels on my skin and after a while 'silicone' crossed my mind. And that is exactly how it feels, like a thin layer of silicone, which is meant to make your skin feel soft. However, it never occurred to me that silicone could actually be an ingredient of Glow Job - but it is. When I checked the list of ingredients, I found 'dimethicone', which is a silicone that is often found in shampoo, conditioner, creams or make-up products. It is considered a 'questionable' ingredient as I found out after doing some web research as it is said to unbalance your skin flora, for example.

You can also argue about the scent of the cream. It is supposed to smell of sweet orange peel oil and vanilla, but I find the latter to be more dominant. However, even if you do not like the scent, it fades rather fast, so you do not end up having it in your nose all day.

Now, the most important question: Does it have the promised effect of giving you a glowing complexion? I don't know. See for yourself on the before and after photos I took. I can hardly see a difference. This might be due to the fact that my natural skin tone is quite dark and that I am slightly tanned at the moment. But I cannot recognise any major effect, although I could imagine the product to have a different effect on lighter skin.
I don't think that I will re-pruchase Glow Job since it does not seem to have any major effect on my skin or complexion, and considering the film is creates on my skin and the 'questionable' ingredient. Would I recommend it? - Probably not.

Before applying Glow Job:
Before applying Glow Job

After applying Glow Job:
After applying Glow Job
Have you tried Glow Job by Soap & Glory? What is your experience? Do you like it?

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